Patch 1.111

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Patch 1.111 was released on August 16, 2013[1].

It is a hotfix that intends to fix all major outstanding issues, including broken Patch 1.103 save games.

It is the last patch of the 1.0 branch. It can still be downloaded from Steam after Patch 2.0, via opting in for Beta branches.


  • Fixed the delayed event bloating of save files.
  • Pre 1.11 save games will now load correctly without trait corruption
  • Fixed CTD when a Portrait DLC did not have a beard for the culture
  • Fixed CTD when immediately resigning after loaded save game with pending plots


  • Fixed a glitch after resign where the on-map shields would still be shown
  • Fixed so you don't get a pop-up if the plot auto functions are used
  • Disabled customization of dynasties without the DLC


  • Fixed a bug where vassal merchant republics could sometimes become independent on succession
  • The Military Jesus and Speaking in Tongues modifiers are no longer instantly removed from characters
  • Fixed an issue where you could suffer more than Max attrition
  • Now possible to pick the Hellenic religion in the Ruler Designer again
  • Can now correctly grant independence to Merchant republics
  • Can now correctly transfer vassal Merchant republics
  • Character beards and hair now don't immediately snap back when using the customization tool
  • Fixed an issue with new Patricians sometimes getting game over incorrectly on succession


  • Fixed issues with exporting HRE with absolute crown authority.
  • Now young rulers get appropriate stats
  • Now players should always be exported as a vassal if he is in CK2
  • Fixed problem where Muslim personal unions were not exported at all
  • The Azores and Madeira can now be colonized
  • Now localization files on Linux always get UTF-8 encoding
  • Changed some file names in conversion table for nations
  • Fixed so Tengri can get higher tech groups
  • Tweaked what is considered high-tech to increase chance of becoming western
  • Now natives no longer should spawn in Africa