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发布日期/ 补丁
2014-03-25 / 2.1


DLC rajas of india.png 印度罗阇 (英文:Rajas of India,缩写:RoI) 是王国风云2的第六个大型 扩展包, 在2014年3月25日和2.1版本补丁共同发布.


随着2.8版本补丁的加入, 拥有本扩展包的玩家也可以扮演信奉道教的非游牧统治者.




  • 新增300多个省份,位于印度次大陆、阿富汗、河中和西伯利亚,以及相关的新文化(黠戛斯、葛逻禄、汉特、阿富汗、俾路支).
  • 扩展地图至东方(西部边缘向东部稍推,因此西非海岸线不再可见).
  • 改造东非地区,加入努比亚文化和塞米恩王国(贝塔以色列).
  • 增加至少一个在东非以外的省份——亚美尼亚的洛里,和其它上面提到的地方.
  • 使西藏、塔里木盆地和阿尔泰山可见,但没有任何相关联的省份.
  • 增加可航行的印度洋海域,不与地中海相连.


  • 新增三个新的印度宗教(分为许多教派但没有异端)和新的界面皮肤:
    • 新增的印度教的种姓制度依托于特征、守护神机制和掠夺能力.
    • 新增佛教与学习奖励.
    • 新增耆那教,和平、更稳定,但没有圣战的宣战理由.
  • 新增印度特定的事件和决议(秋季排灯节盛宴、猎虎、大师……)
  • 新增印度角色的头像和服装.
  • 新增特殊单位战象,并为印度的指挥官新增相关的新作战战术.
  • 新增丛林地形类型,增加消耗和防御加成.

Indian cavalry units render picture Indian infantry units render picture Indian councillors render picture


  • Ticking attrition caused by starvation, with each province having a limited degree of food supplies, and armies experiencing it outside of friendly territory, or when not able to loot enemies supplies (note: does not apply for great holy wars)
  • Diplomatic actions and councillor job range, preventing diplomatic relations between rulers too far from each other (Norse vs West African, or Irish vs Indians)
  • Rework of faction revolts - when revolting, the leader gets a temporary title equal in rank to his liege, with all other faction members becoming his vassals, rather than just allied to him.
  • A Special Troops unit slot, replacing horse archers. It handles all unique unit types in the base game, including horse archers, camel warriors and war elephants - but with considerable modding potential (musketeers, dragons, M1 Abrams ...). Multiple special units can be present in an army, although individual holding levies and retinues can only contain one.
  • "North Korea mode" nerf, with reduced amount of levies and income from holdings over the demesne limit.
  • Nestorian Christianity becomes an independent religious denomination rather than a heresy, and gets its own Holy Orders and holy sites. Socotra is ruled by an independent Nestorian in 867.
  • Revamped decadence system, based on a new decadent trait, and possibility to "straighten up" decadent relatives.
  • Close relatives asking and being refused a title might start an adventure against you (more frequent for Muslims)
  • Seljuk and Timur start as courtiers with special events to encourage their rise to power, rather than appearing as horde leaders. The Mongols function largely as before, although starting further east.


Rajas of India received generally positive reviews from critics. While they praised the new locations and religions, criticism was given towards the lack of any new features outside of the Indian region and the issues with rebel spam in India.


  • New "Relations" tabs in the character screen, listing friends, rivals and lovers.
  • Quick access to a dead character's killer
  • Designate heir button near character portraits.
  • Borderless windowed mode



  • Dalai Lama and the Tibetan branch of Buddhism weren't included, due to the complexity of the succession system.


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