Patch 1.07b

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Released on October 22, 2012.

  • Fixed an issue with broken portraits and other graphics on certain older graphics cards
  • Fixed a bug with Claimant Faction wars becoming invalid in Elective Realms
  • Fixed a bug where various Dynasty variables would not be correctly reset on resign, which could even cause crashes
  • Fixed the initial tech levels in the Nestorian and Miaphysite provinces
  • Fixed a crash bug in the religion view that could happen when your ruler's religion changed
  • Fixed a bug with Gavelkind succession in Empires where the holder also had many kingdoms
  • Fixed an issue where you could become independent by joining an independence faction war in another realm
  • Kurds now have access to the Persian cultural building
  • William the Conqueror no longer set as mother of three Breton characters
  • Fixed the history for c_aprutium
  • Fixed deathdate of character 161537
  • Fixes/additions to the Strathearn dynasty
  • Fixes to the counts of Malta
  • Fixed broken de Mello dynasty
  • Various additions/fixes to several English dynasties
  • Various additions/fixes to several German dynasties
  • Renamed duplicate Onega province
  • Added rulers to various Eastern pagan provinces
  • Spymaster can now use Scheme in provinces belonging to your liege's other vassals
  • Fixed hunting event to correctly apply to barons
  • Fixed an ugly "invalidated war" message showing messy trigger conditions
  • No longer possible to start or join Factions while in revolt against your current liege
  • Fixed an issue where a vassal revolt war could sometimes invalidate on mostly unrelated other revolts in the same realm
  • Fixed a glitch with the tooltip on the "Start a Faction" button
  • No longer allowed to start claimant factions for female claimants against Agnatic law titles
  • Fixed an issue with Protected Inheritance
  • Reduced size of all event pictures by 25% at no loss of quality
  • Muslim Jihads no longer possible before 1187
  • The title is now displayed correctly for Russian Grand Princesses
  • Some changes to the religious setup in the Levant