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2017-03-07 / 2.7


Monks and Mystics (M&M) is the 11th major expansion for Crusader Kings II. It was announced on 2016-12-02[1] and released on the 7th of March 2017.


The bells of the abbey summon monks to prayer while, a continent away, the faithful are summoned by a muezzin’s call. Religious practice imposes a schedule on the chaos of medieval life, and the routine adds harmony to a divided realm.

Routine and harmony. We can’t have that, can we?

The major feature of Monks and Mystics is the addition of Societies – secret and otherwise. Characters can join monastic orders, secret cults and Gnostic heresies. As the society gains members, it gains power and prestige for its leaders. Societies open new actions for characters and can lead to new event paths.


Societies represent groups of like-minded characters who are working together for personal and mutual profit.[2]:

  • Societies can be public (automatic join) or secret (need to be offered membership from another member).
  • Members have ranks, working their way up the ladder of societies, unlocking new abilities and triggering new event chains.

Though societies are a patch feature (and can be expanded by mods), all but secret cults are part of the expansion.

DLC features

List of societies part of DLC:

Societies Actions Religion breakdown
Monastic Orders[3]
  • Theology focus
  • Perform Charity
  • Help build new Temples
  • Go on Pilgrimages
  • Engage in prayer or meditation
  • Encourage other characters in their realm to end their sinful ways
  • Take a vow of celibacy (Oblatus)
  • Renounce vow of celibacy (Oblatus)
  • Invite an ascetic to court (Comissus)
  • Catholics: the Benedictines and the Dominicans
  • Orthodox
  • Miaphysites
  • Nestorians
  • Hindus
  • Buddhists
  • Jains
Hermetic Society[4]
  • Early Scientific experimentation
  • Build laboratories
  • Primary attribute is Learning
  • Missions rewarded with Technology Points and Artifacts
  • Go further in the Scholarship focus
  • Scrying
  • Make horoscopes for Children
  • Experimenting with drugs and medical techniques
  • Write a book of knowledge - the Magnum Opus
  • Abrahamic religions
  • Mazdans
  • Zunists (also reformed)
  • Hellenic
Assassins (Hashashin)
  • Intimidation (Gains favors with target)
  • Murder
  • Marking someone for death
  • Shia Islam
Demon Worshippers[5]
  • “Sacrifice to Satan“ (Sacrifice prisoner for Dark Power)
  • “Summon Familiar” (Can choose to summon a Cat, Wolf, Owl, or Raven with different stat bounce)
  • “Tainted Touch” (A Health Curse)
  • “Demonic Possession“ (Let demon possess your Vassals, Courtiers, and Rivals. Increase their relationship toward you.)
  • “Dark Divorce“ (Your spouse will be no more)
  • “Dark Healing“
  • “Invite Disciple of Satan“ (Invite member of this societies to join you at your court)
  • “Absorb Lifeforce“ (Steal lifeforce from your children)
  • “Unholy Impregnation“
  • Abrahamic religions: "Lucifer’s Own”
  • Tengri: “Plaguebringers”
  • Hindu: Kali worship
  • Baltic, Slavic and Finnic pagans: “The Cold Ones”
  • Germanic Pagans: Demon Worship based on Hel and the Jotuns
  • Hellenic: Bacchus' Mystery
  • 4th councillor jobs[6]:
    • Chancellor.png - Perform Statecraft: increases threat decay speed, and can fire events which improve relations with random vassals, neighbours, or liege.
    • Marshal.png - Organize the Army: lowers the upkeep cost of retinue (or horde), and can fire events to train existing or find new commander
    • Steward.png - Administer Realm: increases the speed of cultural conversion in realm provinces, and can fire events adding economic bonuses to any province.
    • Spymaster.png - Sabotage: target province will suffer damage, gain unrest, and may even be made easier to siege.
    • Court Chaplain.png - Hunt Heretics: hunts for members of secret societies.
  • Artifacts and relics[7]: commissioning swords from skilled smiths, buying fabulous Crown Jewels, hunting for Holy Artifacts.
  • Allies in Wars: a player can command its allies in a war, ordering them to hunt for enemy armies, to siege strongholds (either by itself or a specific province), or attach them to a specific army.[8]
  • Prisoner mass actions (release, ransom, or execute all)
  • Ability to randomize the name of newborn children (after a parent, a grand-parent, a random ancestor or a random cultural name)
  • Two sets of portraits and units for Norman and English cultures, as well as Central Germanic culture group[9]:

English Portrait Pack English Unit Pack German Portrait Pack German Unit Pack

Patch features

Secret cults

Almost all of the main (non-heretic) religions have a corresponding "secret cult", consisting of followers who falsely profess faith in one religion while secretly belonging to another.[10]

  • Members get missions and powers to induce Sympathy for their real religion in other characters in the realm as well as the population in the counties
  • At the highest rank, the ruler can overtly embrace the religion and convert. With careful groundwork, an extremely powerful religious revolt can be staged.

Note: You may only form a Secret Cult as a pagan if the religion has already been reformed.

Quality of life changes

Intrigue screen[11]:

  • New decisions menu showing 6 decisions at once, rather than the old 4.
  • Ability to mark a decision as important or not, which will trigger its alerts
  • New tab My Plots, showing clearly who the target of each backed plot is
  • New buttons in Known Plots tab, to ask the plotter to end their plot, and ask to join to a plot
  • Improved events now showing the targets of plot when invited to join, or option to keep a plot secret when a plotter tries and fails to kill your spymaster due to them discovering their plot.

Other changes[12]:

  • Battle indicator showing whenever a unit entering a province (or two units, if they’re entering the same province) will cause a battle to occur.
  • Garrison tooltip showing levy, and the garrison+levy numbers
  • "Embark All" button for when having multiple units selected
  • Game rules categories and four save slots allowing to have different pre-sets of rules.
  • Character finder reset filter, configuration pre-sets, filter by diplomatic range, filter by joining your court
  • Councilor selection screen with voting pattern indicators
  • Ask the Council to consider a vote before actually voting on it, which allows it to be shown on the Council screen along with icons on each Councilor showing how they will vote.
  • Childhood education screen will now show which traits the child has got that positively or negatively influence the different education choices
  • Commander auto-assignment checkbox

Map fixes

Most hideous offenders on the map have been fixed[13], in particular:

  • Ural mountains
  • Lake Baikal
  • The Ganges river
  • Kingdom of Cumania de jure changes
  • Kingdom of Greece and Kingdom of Trebizond de jure changes
  • Hungary and the Danube


  • Treasury system to see a character’s items as physical objects, and allowing items to be inheritable and stealable. Some existing character modifiers from events will be converted into items, such as the +1 axe, the saint’s bones, or the trophy made from the skull of a rival.
  • Adjustment of audio volume for all audio assets (ambient sound effects are lower in the background until zooming in, interface sound effects do not interrupt the music, ...)[14]


Monks and Mystics was the second and final DLC with David "Darkrenown" Ballantyne as Game Designer.

Dev diaries

主条目:Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Monks and Mystics expansion and patch 2.7.

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4 Audio Mix Björn "Metal King" Iversen has done some mixing of the sound 2016-11-14
5 Back to work The next expansion will introduce a fourth possible task for your councillors 2016-11-21
6 Intriguing quality of life changes Quality of Life changes coming in the next free patch 2016-11-28
7 Let's talk about sects Societies are coming in Monks and Mystics 2016-12-05
8 Facts about Artifacts A new treasury system will be added in the upcoming 2.7 patch. 2016-12-12
9 Who ordered these Monks Monastic Orders in Monks and Mystics 2016-12-19
10 The Witching Hour Demon Worshippers and Assassins 2017-01-09
11 Three times greater Hermetic Societies 2017-01-16
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