Patch 3.3.X

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Patch 3.3.X are all patches beginning with 3.3.

Patch 3.3

Patch 3.3 于2019-10-19发布


  • 基础游戏现在可以免费玩了!
  • 所有非Linux玩家都可以进行“王道征途”。这是一个功能,它将每两周呈现新人物来挑战一个历史剧本,为即将到来的CK3游戏赢得美化奖励。
  • CK2现在运行在64位架构上,因此不再支持32位系统。
  • 埃及人的肖像。


  • 针对奇迹建筑图书馆和大学相关的升级功能,调整了一些科技传播率的数值。


  • 修正了重命名奇迹或文物时可能打开多个重命名窗口的问题。
  • 使在血脉界面中滚动血脉描述成为可能,以防文本太长而无法容纳。

User modding

  • 增加 is_local_human_observer 触发.
  • Added support for hide_scrollbar in instanttextbox definitions.
  • Added support for scrollbar_offset in instanttextbox definitions.
  • Disallowed safe ReligionEffect from changing the religion of a Holy Order leader.

Bug Fixes

  • 找不到社团时隐藏社团菜单上的图例文本。
  • 阻止骑士团成员作出过多皈依宗教的决定。
  • 自加入以来,不合格(改变信仰)的骑士团领袖会定期被清除。
  • Fixed the issue where one got a game over by converting to a religion that requires a disabled DLC by blocking some convertion decisions
  • 你将不再把自己推向死亡。
  • 现在,当你的朝臣拥有情人时,他们会关注自己的性取向。
  • You can no longer seclude yourself for meditation when you're already meditating.
  • Century old wonders will no longer be talked about as if newly constructed.
  • Courtiers will no longer leave their children behind when asked to leave court.
  • Dead people looking for books will no longer behave as if alive.
  • It's no longer a religious experience to be an Aquarius.
  • The Local Traditions decision now includes an active Embrace.
  • You will no longer be gifted artifacts from imprisoned characters.
  • Artifact flags are no longer looked for in a character scope when you throw it to the ground to save yourself in battle.
  • Women can now hunt boars themselves, and also send their daughters to do so.
  • You will no longer be able to be both a strong and a weak leader at the same time.
  • After siege looting rampages are now far less common.

Patch 3.3.1

Patch 3.3.1 已发布于2020-01-30 [1],用于校验和IIVC。

Bug Fixes


Patch 3.3.2

Patch 3.3.2 was released on 2020-02-07[2] with the checksum IIVC.

Bug Fixes

  • 修正了一个与mods加载LUA库方式相关的潜在安全问题.