MNM assassins event


These are events for the Assassins from Monks and Mystics.

ID Name
MNM.6000 character_event
MNM.6001 Borrowing money
MNM.6012 Transfer debt to heir
MNM.6004 Donating
MNM.6005 letter_event
MNM.6009 character_event
MNM.6010 character_event
MNM.6006 Events for demands to pay back loan
MNM.6020 Does recruit approve of shia
MNM.6021 True religion, or sympathetic?
MNM.6022 Talking about fighting for the faith, reaction
MNM.6023 Wants to join? Make the offer
MNM.6024 Offer to join, yes or no?
MNM.6025 Recruit said no
MNM.6026 Recruit said yes
MNM.6027 Confirmation for recruit
MNM.6028 Joining begins
MNM.6029 Sign written delcaration of loyalty to grand master
MNM.6030 Inductor Will get in contact with you
MNM.6031 Sending event to inductor
MNM.6032 Ping event for inductor
MNM.6033 Invitation to stronghold
MNM.6034 Welcome by GM
MNM.6035 Secret ritual
MNM.6036 Kill to prove
MNM.6037 You are a member?
MNM.6038 You flee
MNM.6039 Opt out failstate
MNM.6040 Ping event GM for outcome notification
MNM.6041 Outcome of recruitment for recruiter (if there is one)
MNM.6100 Plotter sees an opportunity - assassinate
MNM.6101 Plot backer sees an opportunity - assassinate
MNM.6102 Plot owner receives a letter informing them about the coming attempt
MNM.6104 Assassination attempt
MNM.6105 Plot target dies, undiscovered
MNM.6106 Assassin notified of "Plot target dies, undiscovered"
MNM.6107 Plot owner notified "Plot target dies, undiscovered"
MNM.6108 Plot target dies, discovered
MNM.6109 Assassin notified of "Plot target dies, discovered"
MNM.6110 Plot owner notified "Plot target dies, discovered"
MNM.6111 Plot target survives, undiscovered
MNM.6112 Assassin notified of "Plot target survives, undiscovered"
MNM.6113 Plot owner notified "Plot target survives, undiscovered"
MNM.6114 Plot target survives, wounded
MNM.6115 Assassin notified of "Plot target survives, wounded"
MNM.6116 Plot owner notified "Plot target survives, wounded"
MNM.6117 Plot target survives, killed
MNM.6118 Assassin notified of "Plot target survives, killed"
MNM.6119 Plot owner notified "Plot target survives, killed"
MNM.6199 Mission tombola
MNM.6200 MISSION: Assassinate a target
MNM.6201 Ping event for GM
MNM.6202 You get your target
MNM.6948 Helps AI do mission
MNM.6949 AI clean-up
MNM.6950 character_event
MNM.6203 Mission: Convert specific province to Shia
MNM.6206 The province in question is converted
MNM.6230 Event for clearing quest_the_assassins_convert_province
MNM.6205 Mission completion
MNM.6214 Mission: Collect debt
MNM.6207 society_quest_event
MNM.6217 plot triggers, ping event
MNM.6218 Target ping event
MNM.6208 How do you go about collecting the debt?
MNM.6209 You threaten them personally
MNM.6210 character_event
MNM.6211 character_event
MNM.6212 You threaten someone dear to them
MNM.6213 Threaten their money
MNM.6215 They payed back, mission successful
MNM.6216 They refused to pay back, mission unsuccessful
MNM.6220 Mission: Occupy infidel holding
MNM.6221 society_quest_event
MNM.6222 Holding occupied
MNM.6800 POWER: Drugs
MNM.6801 Drug tombola!
MNM.6802 Outcome of trip
MNM.6803 You're an addict
MNM.6804 Hidden addiction handling
MNM.6805 You're having withdrawal symptoms
MNM.6806 Recovered from addiction
MNM.6810 Special events
MNM.6811 Discover Plot
MNM.68111 Ping
MNM.68112 Four Descs, one or two options
MNM.6812 Gain Relation
MNM.6813 Cheating Spouse
MNM.6814 Make a fool of yourself
MNM.6815 Die
MNM.6816 Become cured of a bad trait
MNM.6817 Gain insight
MNM.6818 Cure your illness
MNM.6840 POWER: Intimidate for favor
MNM.6841 character_event
MNM.6980 Fail
MNM.6842 POWER: mark of death
MNM.6843 Confirmation of kill
MNM.6844 Clearing the flag from GM
MNM.6248 MISSION: Train a protege
MNM.6249 societ_quest_event
MNM.6250 Choose a child to train / a child is caught trying to pickpocket you
MNM.6251 character_event
MNM.6252 choose specialization for kid
MNM.6253 they are hard at work and time has come for a test
MNM.6254 good outcome
MNM.6255 mediocre outcome
MNM.6256 bad outcome
MNM.6257 clean-up after training apprentice
MNM.6258 Conversion event (for apprentice) if not already Shia
MNM.6259 Final talk with apprentice
MNM.6260 Fallback - apprentice has died somehow during chain
MNM.6261 Fallback doublecheck apprentice died before the Assassins could be notified of the success (leads to fail fail of mission)
MNM.6899 Interactions: Friend or foe?
MNM.6900 character_event
MNM.6901 They're so infuriating! What do?
MNM.6902 Ping event outcome
MNM.6908 character_event
MNM.6903 Nice win/draw/nice lose
MNM.6904 Mean win
MNM.6905 Mean lose
MNM.6906 Love ping event
MNM.6907 Love outcome
MNM.6910 Interaction: Help someone's murder plot
MNM.6911 character_event
MNM.6912 I can offer my help, but against what?
MNM.6920 Interaction: Blackmailing superior
MNM.6921 character_event
MNM.6922 I found out their secret, what do?
MNM.6990 Make sure d_hashashin owner and subjects have appropriate religion and assassins membership