Holmgang Events


These events deal with Holmgang, a Norse a duel.

ID Name
TOG.5015 Liege Hates You (Invisible)
TOG.5016 Fellow Vassal Hates You (Invisible)
TOG.5017 Your Vassal Hates You (Invisible)
TOG.5000 The challenge is issued
TOG.5001 Challenge received
TOG.5002 Challenge accepted
TOG.5003 Challenge refused
TOG.5004 The Fight Begins! Opponent
TOG.5018 The Fight Begins!
TOG.5005 Wins (Scarred)
TOG.5006 Wins (Scarred, Opponent Dies)
TOG.5007 Wins
TOG.5008 Wins (Opponent Dies)
TOG.5009 Wins (Opponent Flees)
TOG.5010 Draw (Both Wounded)
TOG.5011 Loses (Flees in Disgrace)
TOG.5012 Loses (Wounded)
TOG.5013 Loses (Maimed)
TOG.5014 Loses (Dies)
TOG.5020 Wins (Scarred) Opponent
TOG.5021 Wins (Scarred, Opponent Dies) Opponent
TOG.5022 Wins Opponent
TOG.5023 Wins (Opponent Dies) Opponent
TOG.5024 Wins (Opponent Flees) Opponent
TOG.5025 Draw (Both Wounded) Opponent
TOG.5026 Loses (Flees in Disgrace) Opponent
TOG.5027 Loses (Wounded) Opponent
TOG.5028 Loses (Maimed) Opponent
TOG.5029 Loses (Died) Opponent
TOG.5999 Safety catch - clears character flags and modifiers