Hippodrome events


These are events concerning the Byzantine's Hippodrome.

Foul Play

ID Name
LoR.400 Approached Sabotage
LoR.401 Sabotage
LoR.402 Sabotage Win
LoR.403 Sabotage Lose
LoR.404 Sabotage Riots
LoR.405 Approached Poison
LoR.406 Poison
LoR.407 Poison Win
LoR.408 Poison Lose
LoR.409 Poison Riots
LoR.410 Approached Weapon
LoR.411 Weapon
LoR.412 Weapon Race
LoR.413 Stay
LoR.414 The Chase
LoR.415 Killed
LoR.416 Spared
LoR.417 Riots

Random Hippodrome Events

ID Name
LoR.500 Hippodrome Race
LoR.501 Blue Victorious (With Your Support)
LoR.502 Blue Loses (With Your Support)
LoR.503 Green Victorious (With Your Support)
LoR.504 Green Loses (With Your Support)