HL Extra Events


These are miscellaneous events from the Horse Lords DLC.

IDs Name
HL.8001 Sky Burial trigger event
HL.8002 Clear event
HL.8005 Decide on Burial
HL.8006 Sky Burial - Bad weather
HL.8008 Sky Burial - Hermit encountered
HL.8010 Perform Sky Burial
HL.8011 Followed by a Vulture
HL.8020 Begin construction on Golden Tomb
HL.8022 Golden Tomb Completed
HL.8030 On the way to olgoi-khorkhoi (Mongolian death worm)
HL.8032 Sacrifice to olgoi-khorkhoi (Mongolian death worm)
HL.8035 You return home from the desert
HL.9000 Mongol wrestling events
HL.9001 Wrestling event
HL.9002 Wrestling resolver
HL.9003 Win Wrestling
HL.9004 Lose Wrestling