Decadence events


This is a list of Decadence Events

ID Name
91000 A tribe comes riding in from the wastes to topple a decadent dynasty
91200 Drunkard trait raises decadence
91201 Homosexual trait raises decadence
91202 Hedonist trait raises decadence
91203 Impaler trait raises decadence
91204 Lustful trait raises decadence
91205 Gluttonous trait raises decadence
91206 Greedy trait raises decadence
91207 Slothful trait raises decadence
91208 Envious trait raises decadence
91209 Wroth trait raises decadence
91210 Proud trait raises decadence
91211 Deceitful trait raises decadence
91212 Craven trait raises decadence
91213 Content trait raises decadence
91214 Arbitrary trait raises decadence
91215 Cynical trait raises decadence
91216 Paranoid trait raises decadence
91217 Cruel trait raises decadence
91218 Genius trait lowers decadence
91219 Celibate trait lowers decadence
91220 Scholar trait lowers decadence
91221 Chaste trait lowers decadence
91222 Temperate trait lowers decadence
91223 Charitable trait lowers decadence
91224 Diligent trait lowers decadence
91225 Kind trait lowers decadence
91226 Patient trait lowers decadence
91227 Humble trait lowers decadence
91228 Honest trait lowers decadence
91229 Brave trait lowers decadence
91230 Ambitious trait lowers decadence
91231 Just trait lowers decadence
91232 Zealous trait lowers decadence
91233 Mujahid trait lowers decadence
91234 Hafiz trait lowers decadence
91235 Hajjaj trait lowers decadence
91240 Vassal can declare independence after a successful Decadence invasion
91241 narrative_event
91300 Muslims gain the Decadent trait
91350 Muslim ruler tries to convince a dynasty member to lose the 'Decadent' Trait
91351 Decadent character refuses
91352 Decadent character accepts
91355 Attempt at diplomatic persuasion
91356 Decadent character refuses diplomatic persuasion
91357 Decadent character folds after diplomatic persuasion
91360 Attempt at religious persuasion
91361 Decadent character joins a holy order
91362 Decadent character goes on a hajj
91363 The decadent character gave money to charity
91365 Attempt at Intrigue persuasion
91366 Decadent character refuses Intrigue attempt
91367 Decadent character folds after Intrigue attempt
91368 Decadent character commits suicide after Intrigue attempt
91369 Other rulers of the dynasty are notified of the failure to straighten the character
91370 Player rulers of the dynasty are notified when someone goes decadent
91371 Resets flag negotiated_to_drop_decadence
91372 The decadent character tries to bribe dynasty head
91373 The decadent character justifies his decadence
91374 The decadent character seduces the spouse of dynasty head
91375 Dynasty head is asked by wife to leave decadent character alone
91376 Dynasty head is informed about decadent character's attempt to seduce your spouse
91377 Spouse notified of divorce due to house going off to join holy order
91378 Decadent character notified that he is forced through favor
91379 Confirmation for favor holder that decadent character shaped up