Soa misc religious events


These are miscellaneous religious events from the Sons of Abraham DLC


ID Name
SoA.5200 Plunders relic in war
SoA.5201 Buys relic at market
SoA.5202 Given relic by priest who feels he cannot protect it at his little church
SoA.5203 Misplaced relic
SoA.5204 Relic is stolen by raiders
SoA.5205 Relic mixed up with other bones
SoA.5206 Use relic to heal sickness?
SoA.5207 Bring relic out to bless the fields
SoA.5208 Commerce with relics
SoA.5209 Donate owned relic to church?
SoA.5229 Remove relic modifier if no longer Christian


ID Name
SoA.5210 Monks make fantastic beer
SoA.5211 Monks make great wine
SoA.5212 Monks have healing herbs
SoA.5213 Monk is fantastic painter
SoA.5214 Monks produce beautiful books
SoA.5215 Local monks come to visit often
SoA.5216 Child wants to be monk/nun - select child
SoA.5217 Child bounce event
SoA.5218 Child wants to be monk/nun - parent response
SoA.5219 Donate to local monastery


ID Name
SoA.5240 Stigmata
SoA.5241 I saw the Virgin
SoA.5242 Virgin birth
SoA.5243 Husband notified of virgin birth
SoA.5244 Exorcism

Immoral priest

ID Name
SoA.5300 Christian becoming a wicked priest
SoA.5301 Muslim becoming a wicked caliph
SoA.5302 Norse becoming an unworthy priest
SoA.5303 Tengri becoming an unworthy priest
SoA.5304 Zoroastrian becoming an immoral priest
SoA.5305 Aztec becoming an unworthy priest
SoA.5306 Check for Cadaver Synod
SoA.5307 The Cadaver Synod
SoA.5311 Wicked Pope or Patriarch!
SoA.5312 Wicked Pope or Patriarch player notification
SoA.5313 Wicked Caliph!
SoA.5314 Wicked Caliph player notification
SoA.5315 Unworthy Fylkir!
SoA.5316 Unworthy Fylkir player notification
SoA.5317 Unworthy Head Priest! (Tengri)
SoA.5318 Unworthy Head Priest player notification (Tengri)
SoA.5319 Immoral Moabadan-Moabad!
SoA.5320 Immoral Moabadan-Moabad player notification
SoA.5321 Unworthy Head Priest! (Aztec)
SoA.5322 Unworthy Head Priest player notification (Aztec)

Cluny Abbey

ID Name
SoA.5340 Cluny priests are very influential
SoA.5341 Donate to Cluny Abbey
SoA.5342 Visit Cluny?
SoA.5343 Visiting Cluny

Mount Athos

ID Name
SoA.5344 Priests at Mount Athos are very influential
SoA.5345 Donate to Mount Athos monasteries
SoA.5346 Visit Mount Athos?
SoA.5347 Visiting Mount Athos

Jeanne d'Arc

ID Name
SoA.5350 (Jeanne d'Arc spawn)
SoA.5351 Jeanne event
SoA.5352 Jeanne's home province
SoA.5353 Notify monarch of this new servant of the crown
SoA.5354 Jeanne d'Arc - Nobles react
SoA.5355 (lords angry, trial for heresy?)
SoA.5356 Jeanne d'Arc approaches liege to talk of God and life
SoA.5357 narrative_event
SoA.5358 narrative_event
SoA.5359 narrative_event
SoA.5360 narrative_event
SoA.5361 narrative_event
SoA.5362 narrative_event
SoA.5363 Peasants like Jeanne
SoA.5364 (religious fervor)
SoA.5365 Jeanne comes with advice to liege
SoA.5366 (lords angry, trial for heresy?)
SoA.5367 Jeanne d'Arc - Church reacts
SoA.5368 (clergy angry, trial for heresy?)
SoA.5369 Jeanne d'Arc - Jeanne's ways affect liege
SoA.5370 narrative_event
SoA.5271 Jeanne d'Arc - Nobles complain again - issue of low birth
SoA.5372 province_event
SoA.5373 (lords angry, trial for heresy?)
SoA.5380 If Jeanne d'Arc marries
SoA.5381 character_event
SoA.5382 narrative_event
SoA.5383 If Jeanne d'Arc has a child
SoA.5384 character_event
SoA.5385 narrative_event
SoA.5390 Trial of Jeanne d'Arc begins
SoA.5391 narrative_event
SoA.5450 character_event
SoA.5392 Trial of Jeanne d'Arc - give verdict
SoA.5393 character_event
SoA.5394 Jeanne d'Arc is burned at the stake
SoA.5395 Jeanne d'Arc aquitted
SoA.5396 Stormy times over for Jeanne d'Arc
SoA.5397 province_event
SoA.5398 Notification of stormy times over for Jeanne d'Arc

Unfortunate crusade-related events

ID Name
SoA.5400 Massacre at Beziers - fires from on_siege_over_winner
SoA.5401 Shepherds' Crusade
SoA.5405 (spawn master of hungary and his troops)
SoA.5402 Shepherds crusade collapses
SoA.5403 Notify player of Shepherds crusade collapse
SoA.5406 Shepherds' Crusade kills a local Jew or priest. Fired from 'on_siege_over_loc_chars'. (Siege winner unit owner in the 'new_character' scope, lost holding title in FROM, local character in ROOT.)
SoA.5409 Liege notified of killing of character by Shepherds' Crusade

Religious tolerance

ID Name
SoA.5410 Tolerant character making Christian friend
SoA.5411 Tolerant character making Muslim friend
SoA.5412 Tolerant character making Pagan friend
SoA.5413 Tolerant character making Zoroastrian friend
SoA.5414 Tolerant character making Jewish friend
SoA.5420 Zealous character insults other religions
SoA.5425 Muslim tolerance towards Judaism and Christianity