Old Gods Pagan Feast Events


These are events for various pagan feasts.

Ukon Juhla festival (Soumenusko)

ID Name
TOG.700 Invitations Sent (Liege)
TOG.701 Invitations Received (Vassals)
TOG.702 Invitations Refused (Liege)
TOG.703 Celebration Begins (Liege)
TOG.704 Celebration Begins (Vassals)
TOG.705 Feast Begins (Liege)
TOG.706 Feast Begins (Vassals)
TOG.707 Feast Ends (Liege)
TOG.708 Feast Ends (Vassals)
TOG.720 Drunkard (Guest)
TOG.721 Drunkard (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.722 Gluttonous (Victim Hidden)
TOG.723 Gluttonous (Guest)
TOG.724 Gluttonous (Victim)
TOG.725 Gluttonous (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.726 Lunatic (Guest)
TOG.727 Lunatic (Host and Other Guest)
TOG.728 Lustful (Guest)
TOG.729 Lustful (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.730 Friendship Formed (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.731 Friendship Formed (Guest 2)
TOG.732 Friendship Formed (Guest 1)
TOG.733 Homosexual Male (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.734 Homosexual Male (Guest 2)
TOG.735 Homosexual Male (Guest 1)
TOG.736 Homosexual Female (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.737 Homosexual Female (Guest 2)
TOG.738 Homosexual Female (Guest 1)
TOG.739 Homosexual Caught
TOG.740 Homosexual Caught (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.741 feast_drunkard
TOG.742 feast_gluttonous
TOG.743 feast_lunatic
TOG.744 feast_lustful
TOG.745 feast_friendship
TOG.746 male_homosexual
TOG.747 female_homosexual

Užgavenes festival (Romuva)

ID Name
TOG.750 Invitations Sent (Liege)
TOG.751 Invitations Received (Vassals)
TOG.752 Invitation Refused (Liege)
TOG.753 Celebration Begins (Liege)
TOG.754 Celebration Begins (Vassals)
TOG.755 Feast Begins (Liege)
TOG.756 Feast Begins (Vassals)
TOG.757 Feast Ends (Liege)
TOG.770 Drunkard (Guest)
TOG.771 Drunkard (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.772 Gluttonous (Victim Hidden)
TOG.773 Gluttonous (Guest)
TOG.774 Gluttonous (Victim)
TOG.775 Gluttonous (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.776 Lunatic (Guest)
TOG.777 Lunatic (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.778 Lustful (Guest)
TOG.779 Lustful (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.780 Friendship Formed (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.781 Friendship Formed (Guest 2)
TOG.782 Friendship Formed (Guest 1)
TOG.783 Homosexual Male (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.784 Homosexual Male (Guest 2)
TOG.785 Homosexual Male (Guest 1)
TOG.786 Homosexual Female (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.787 Homosexual Female (Guest 2)
TOG.788 Homosexual Female (Guest 1)
TOG.789 Homosexual Caught
TOG.790 Homosexual Caught (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.791 feast_drunkard
TOG.792 feast_gluttonous
TOG.793 feast_lunatic
TOG.794 feast_lustful
TOG.795 feast_friendship
TOG.796 male_homosexual
TOG.797 female_homosexual

Jarilo festival (Slavic)

ID Name
TOG.800 Invitations Sent (Liege)
TOG.801 Invitations Received (Vassals)
TOG.802 Invitations Refused (Liege)
TOG.803 Celebration Begins (Liege)
TOG.845 Vassal chosen to be Jarilo
TOG.846 Informed who will be Jarilo (Liege)
TOG.847 Informed who will be Jarilo (Vassal)
TOG.848 No vassals participating - Liege is Jarilo (Liege)
TOG.804 Celebration Begins (Vassals)
TOG.805 Feast Begins (Liege)
TOG.806 Feast Begins (Vassals)
TOG.807 Feast Ends (Liege)
TOG.808 Feast Ends (Vassals)
TOG.820 Drunkard (Guest)
TOG.821 Drunkard (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.822 Gluttonous (Victim Hidden)
TOG.823 Gluttonous (Guest)
TOG.824 Gluttonous (Victim)
TOG.825 Gluttonous (Host and other Guests)
TOG.826 Lunatic (Guest)
TOG.827 Lunatic (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.828 Lustful (Guest)
TOG.829 Lustful (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.830 Friendship Formed (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.831 Friendship Formed (Guest 2)
TOG.832 Friendship Formed (Guest 1)
TOG.833 Homosexual Male (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.834 Homosexual Male (Guest 2)
TOG.835 Homosexual Male (Guest 1)
TOG.836 Homosexual Female (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.837 Homosexual Female (Guest 2)
TOG.838 Homosexual Female (Guest 1)
TOG.839 Homosexual Caught
TOG.840 Homosexual Caught (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.841 feast_drunkard
TOG.842 feast_gluttonous
TOG.843 feast_lunatic
TOG.844 feast_lustful
TOG.849 feast_friendship
TOG.850 male_homosexual
TOG.851 female_homosexual

Flag management

ID Name
TOG.899 Safety catch - clears character flags and modifiers