Old Gods Blot Events


These are events for holding a Great Blot.

ID Name
TOG.600 You summon your vassals to a Blot
TOG.601 Summoned to Blot (Vassal)
TOG.602 Non-Norse Pagans pay to skip Blot
TOG.603 Non-Norse Pagans pay to skip Blot (Liege)
TOG.636 Non-Norse Pagans refuse to pay to skip Blot (Liege)
TOG.604 Blot Begins! (Liege)
TOG.605 Blot Begins! (Vassal)
TOG.606 Sacrifice Prisoner 1 (Prisoner)
TOG.607 Sacrifice Prisoner 2 (Prisoner)
TOG.608 Sacrifice Prisoner 3 (Prisoner)
TOG.609 Sacrifice Prisoner 4 (Prisoner)
TOG.610 Sacrifice Generic 1 (Liege)
TOG.611 Sacrifice Christian (Liege)
TOG.612 Sacrifice Muslim (Liege)
TOG.613 Sacrifice Brother (Liege)
TOG.614 Sacrifice Sister (Liege)
TOG.615 Sacrifice Father (Liege)
TOG.616 Sacrifice Mother (Liege)
TOG.617 Sacrifice Son (Liege)
TOG.618 Sacrifice Daughter (Liege)
TOG.619 Sacrifice Other Kinsman (Liege)
TOG.620 Sacrifice Spouse/Consort
TOG.621 Sacrifice Aztec (Liege)
TOG.622 Sacrifice Generic (Vassal)
TOG.623 Sacrifice Christian (Vassal)
TOG.624 Sacrifice Muslim (Vassal)
TOG.625 Sacrifice Brother (Vassal)
TOG.626 Sacrifice Sister (Vassal)
TOG.627 Sacrifice Father (Vassal)
TOG.628 Sacrifice Mother (Vassal)
TOG.629 Sacrifice Son (Vassal)
TOG.630 Sacrifice Daughter (Vassal)
TOG.631 Sacrifice Other Kinsman (Vassal)
TOG.632 Sacrifice Spouse/Consort (Vassal)
TOG.633 Sacrifice Aztec (Vassal)
TOG.634 No Prisoners, Slaves sacrificed instead (Liege)
TOG.635 No Prisoners, Slaves sacrificed instead (Vassal)
TOG.637 Liege changed his mind about sacrifice (prisoner)
TOG.645 Prisoner 2 (Liege invisible)
TOG.646 Prisoner 3 (Liege invisible)
TOG.647 Prisoner 4 (Liege invisible)
TOG.640 Feast Begins (Liege)
TOG.641 Feast Begins (Vassal)
TOG.642 Feast Ends (Liege)
TOG.643 Feast Ends (Vassal)
TOG.650 Drunkard (Guest)
TOG.651 Drunkard (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.652 Gluttonous (Victim Hidden)
TOG.653 Gluttonous (Guest)
TOG.654 Gluttonous (Victim)
TOG.655 Gluttonous (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.656 Lunatic (Guest)
TOG.657 Lunatic (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.658 Lustful (Guest)
TOG.659 Lustful (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.660 Friendship Formed (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.661 Friendship Formed (Guest 2)
TOG.662 Friendship Formed (Guest 1)
TOG.663 Homosexual Male (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.664 Homosexual Male (Guest 2)
TOG.665 Homosexual Male (Guest 1)
TOG.666 Homosexual Female (Guest 1 Hidden)
TOG.667 Homosexual Female (Guest 2)
TOG.668 Homosexual Female (Guest 1)
TOG.669 Homosexual Caught
TOG.670 Homosexual Caught (Host and Other Guests)
TOG.680 Sacrifice Generic 2 (Liege)
TOG.681 Sacrifice Generic 3 (Liege)
TOG.682 Sacrifice Generic 4 (Liege)
TOG.683 Feast event bounces
TOG.684 feast_gluttonous
TOG.685 feast_lunatic
TOG.686 feast_lustful
TOG.687 feast_friendship
TOG.688 male_homosexual
TOG.689 female_homosexual
TOG.699 Safety catch - clears character flags and modifiers