Norse flavor events


These are events for Norse characters.

ID Name
79000 Shieldmaiden comes to the aid of her liege (from event 79010)
79001 Shieldmaiden fights alongside her liege, but is struck down
79002 Shieldmaiden is injured
79003 Liege looks for Shieldmaiden, finds her alone, offers support
79004 Shieldmaiden is offered support
79005 Liege and Shieldmaiden walk through gardens, are surprised by kitten
79006 Shieldmaiden post cat incident
79007 Shieldmaiden training montage
79008 Shieldmaiden gets dog back (or not, if it died already)
79009 Shieldmaiden intervenes in combat for her liege
79010 Shieldmaiden: Battle aftermath (no betrayal)
79011 Shieldmaiden betrayed liege, aftermath
79012 Liege: liege is killed
79013 Liege: shieldmaiden or liege is injured/maimed
79020 Appointing a Shieldmaiden (sent to potential Shieldmaiden)
79021 Shieldmaiden accepts (sent to liege)
79022 Shieldmaiden refuses (sent to liege)
79023 Relieving Shieldmaiden of her duties (sent to target Shieldmaiden)