Muslim honorary titles events


This lists the events concerning Muslim honorary titles.


Chief Qadi asked for divorce

ID Name
105000 Woman asks Chief Qadi for a divorce
105001 Court Qadi is asked by the woman to grant her a divorce
105002 Woman is granted divorce
105003 Woman won't get the Chief Qadi's approval
105004 Woman gets divorced
105005 Spouse finds out about divorce
105006 Woman is asked by spouse to reconsider
105007 Spouse: Woman's answer

Suggest a Chief Qadi

ID Name
105010 Suggest a Chief Qadi
105011 Liege listens to suggestions
105012 Vassal/Courtier gets title thanks to ROOT
105013 ROOT is thanked/dismissed
105014 ROOT gains title/is dismissed

Suggest a new Chief Qadi

ID Name
105020 Suggest a new Chief Qadi
105021 Liege listens to suggestions
105022 Vassal/Courtier gets title thanks to ROOT
105023 ROOT is thanked/dismissed
105024 ROOT gains title/is dismissed
105025 Former Chief Qadi is fired

Chief Qadi and the drunkard

ID Name
105030 character_event
105031 Drunkard is flogged eighty lashes
105032 Drunkard is pardoned

Chief Qadi and Zina

ID Name
105035 character_event
105036 Root told Chief Qadi
105037 Root told suspect
105038 Chief Qadi confronts zina
105039 ROOT: Chief Qadi confront/ignores/other
105040 Root: accused offered money/promised to break up with lover/refused to do anything
105041 Chief Qadi: suspect declared innocence
105042 Chief Qadi: accused promised to break it up with lover
105043 Chief Qadi: accused did not deny it
105044 Accused gets his/her punishment?


Court Calligrapher is asked to decorate the mosque

ID Name
105050 Court Calligrapher is asked to decorate the mosque
105051 CC is asked
105052 ROOT: Court Calligrapher did a good/bad work
105053 ROOT: Calligrapher said no
105054 Court Calligrapher: Gets answer from ROOT
105055 Liege: is satisfied/irritated

Court Calligrapher created fine Hilya

ID Name
105060 Court Calligrapher created fine Hilya
105061 Caliph/Liege gets Hilya from ROOT

Court Calligrapher: Golden Qu'ran

ID Name
105065 character_event
105066 Liege: Finance Golden Qu'ran?
105067 Court Calligrapher: Got the money or not?
105068 Liege: No sign of Golden Qu'ran
105069 CC is imprisoned/banished/robbed of all wealth


Court Musician presents a song for the liege/liege's spouse

ID Name
105075 character_event
105076 Liege's spouse: CM gave me song
105077 Liege/spouse: gets the song/spouse got the song
105078 Court Musician: Liege's Spouse's reaction


Court Poet writes poem

ID Name
105100 Court Poet writes poem
105101 Liege's spouse: Court Poet gave me a poem
105102 Liege/spouse: gets the poem/spouse got the poem
105103 Court Musician: Liege and liege's Spouse's reaction


Cupbearer: Poison Host

ID Name
105150 Cupbearer poisons Host
105151 Host finds out/is poisoned
105152 Cupbearer is imprisoned


Chief Architect: Suggest improvements to castle

ID Name
105200 Chief Architect suggests improvements to castle
105201 Liege: CA asks if improvements is OK
105202 Chief Architect: Keep the money or not?/no money
105203 Liege: No sign of improvements
105204 Chief Architect is imprisoned/banished/robbed of all wealth


Food Taster: Poison host

ID Name
105250 Food Taster poisons Host
105251 Host finds out/is poisoned
105152 Food Taster is imprisoned