MNM artifacts events


These are artifact events from Monks and Mystics.


ID Name
MNM.9000 Sends rumors
MNM.9001 Ping event for rumor (on councilor) - Major rumor
MNM.9002 Ping event for rumor (on councilor) - Good rumor
MNM.9003 Ping event for rumor (on councilor) - Decent rumor
MNM.9004 Rumors [Major/Extraordinary rumor]
MNM.9005 Rumors [Good/Medium rumor]
MNM.9006 Rumors [Decent rumor]

Searching, asking for help and money, etc.

ID Name
MNM.9007 Person you sent out starts searching
MNM.9008 Artifact is found
MNM.9009 If the searcher can no longer fulfill their duties
MNM.9020 Asking for help, diplomacy
MNM.9021 Asking for help, martial
MNM.9022 Asking for help, stewardship
MNM.9023 Asking for help, intrigue
MNM.9024 Asking for help, learning
MNM.9025 Ask for money
MNM.9026 Stealing discovered
MNM.9027 Messed up big
MNM.9028 Upgrade to bigger rumor
MNM.9029 Terrible accident
MNM.9030 Dead artifact hunter ping
MNM.9031 Artifact search update event - progress
MNM.9032 Artifact search update event - setback
MNM.9033 Imprisoned artifact hunter ping
MNM.9034 Artifact hunter councllior fired/retires ping
MNM.9035 Artifact search update event - progress nearing end

Return Events


ID Name
MNM.9835 Famous Head
MNM.9836 Famous Tongue
MNM.9837 Infamous Tongue
MNM.9838 Famous Hand
MNM.9839 Famous Arm
MNM.9840 Famous Foot
MNM.9841 Famous Ancient Weapon


ID Name
MNM.9804 Bones of St. Peter
MNM.9805 Seamless Robe of Jesus
MNM.9806 Crown of Thorns
MNM.9807 Fragment of the True Cross
MNM.9808 Holy Foreskin
MNM.9809 Fingerbone of Saint
MNM.9842 Chains of St. Peter
MNM.9843 Right Hand of St. Demetrius
MNM.9844 Veil of Veronica
MNM.9845 Remains of St. Cessianus
MNM.9846 Weeping Statue
MNM.9847 Image of Edessa


ID Name
MNM.9810 Staff of Moses
MNM.9811 David's Harp
MNM.9814 Seal of Solomon
MNM.9853 The Tabernacle
MNM.9854 King David's Sling


ID Name
MNM.9820 Seal of Mohammad
MNM.9821 Holy Banner of Mohammad
MNM.9822 Blessed Mantle
MNM.9823 Sword of Mohammad
MNM.9824 Letter of Mohammad
MNM.9848 Cloak of Mohammad
MNM.9825 Mohammad's Beard
MNM.9849 Tooth of Mohammad
MNM.9826 Water of Blessed Mantle
MNM.9850 Mohammad's Bowl
MNM.9851 Blessed Sandals


ID Name
MNM.9830 Cup of Jamshid
MNM.9831 Babr-e-Bayan
MNM.9832 Derafsh Kaviani
MNM.9833 Haoma Sapling
MNM.9834 Branch of the Keshmar Cypress
MNM.9852 Cyrus Cylinder


ID Name
MNM.9200 The Tooth of Bhudda (or atleast one of them)
MNM.9201 Mountain of Light - Huge Diamond, possibly the historical Mountain of Light/ Koh-i-Nohr
MNM.9202 Danda
MNM.9203 Sarira
MNM.9204 Sariraka Bone



ID Name
MNM.9600 Gjallarhorn
MNM.9601 Andvaranaut/Andvari's Gift
MNM.9602 Mjolnir

West African

ID Name
MNM.9603 Fetish of Souls


ID Name
MNM.9604 Sampo


ID Name
MNM.9605 Axe of Perun


ID Name
MNM.9606 Axe of Perkunas


ID Name
MNM.9607 Yada Tashy

Seal of Solomon removes possession

ID Name
MNM.9815 Seal of Solomon removes possession

Blessed Mantle allows you to make water of the blessed mantle

ID Name
MNM.9816 Blessed Mantle allows you to make water of the blessed mantle

Crown jewels events (goldsmith events)

ID Name
MNM.9100 Crown jewels events (spawn & invite goldsmith)
MNM.9101 Ping event for goldsmith
MNM.9102 character_event
MNM.9103 Ping event for goldsmith orders
MNM.9104 Ping event for success
MNM.9105 Amazing crown jewels
MNM.9106 Good crown jewels
MNM.9107 Okay crown jewels
MNM.9108 Ping event for problems
MNM.9109 Problems
MNM.9110 Your current character dissapears (same as death)
MNM.9111 Ping event for checking if Goldsmith died
MNM.9112 Goldsmith died

Weapon Events (weaponsmith events)

ID Name
MNM.9115 Weapon events (spawn & invite weaponsmith)
MNM.9116 Ping event for weaponsmith
MNM.9118 What kind of weapon would you like?
MNM.9119 Ping event for weaponsmith
MNM.9120 And how much are you willing to pay?
MNM.9121 Ping event for success
MNM.9122 Expensive weapon done
MNM.9123 Good weapon done
MNM.9124 Cheap weapon done
MNM.9128 Ping event for problems
MNM.9129 Problems
MNM.9125 Ping event for checking if weaponsmith died
MNM.9126 Weaponsmith died
MNM.9127 Your current character dissapears (same as death)
MNM.9130 (Employ a weaponsmith/armorsmith/goldsmith search)
MNM.9131 Smith steals item and decides who to give it to
MNM.9132 (Smith takes promised work and gold and escapes)
MNM.9133 Tombola for events mid-smithing
MNM.9134 Ping the smith
MNM.9135 Smith teaches someone stewardship
MNM.9136 Smith makes ward stronger
MNM.9137 Smith sleeps with courtier
MNM.9138 Smith injured in accident

Raiding, artfifact lost/destroyed, etc.

ID Name
MNM.9899 character_event
MNM.9900 character_event
MNM.9901 character_event
MNM.9902 character_event
MNM.9903 character_event
MNM.9904 character_event
MNM.9905 character_event
MNM.9906 character_event
MNM.9907 character_event
MNM.9908 character_event
MNM.9909 character_event
MNM.9910 character_event
MNM.9911 character_event