Learning scenario events


These are events for the tutorial.

ID Name
107000 The first ingame welcome event, explain speed widget
107001 Followup to the first ingame welcome event, explain this learning scenario
107002 Explain wealth, piety, and score
107003 Explain the ui: Alerts
107004 Explain the ui: Mapmodes
107005 Explain Your character, char view
107006 Traits, Attributes, and Ambitions
107007 Explain Need for heir, wife, Arrange Marriage view and character browser
107008 Wife stats and alliances
107009 Diplomacy View
107100 After married event
107101 Demesne, Holdings and Realm
107102 Vassals
107103 Opinions
107104 Improve opinions
107200 Revolt, for TOG
107201 Revolt, for non-TOG
107202 Raising levies from holdings
107203 Moving armies around
107204 Merging troops, assigning leaders
107205 Rivers and straits
107250 You dealt with the revolt nicely! Now to consider expansion. Suggest unraising levies
107251 Suggest appropriate OPM overseas
107252 Explain CBs
107253 Claims
107254 Council, Forging claims
107300 This is how you declare war
107301 Calling in allies
107302 Ships
107303 Explain Mercs, here is some money
107304 Embarking troops
107305 Disembarking troops
107306 Sieges
107307 Assaulting
107310 How to make peace
107311 Peace treaties
107320 War is won, consider disbanding mercenaries
107325 What do when over demesne size
107326 What do when over vassal limit
107327 Demesne Laws
107328 Technology
107329 Increasing Technology
107330 You have a son and heir, explain gavelkind and other succession laws
107331 You have a daughter and heir, explain gavelkind and other succession laws
107332 Crown laws
107333 You have a son, discrediting your daughter from inheritance
107334 Educate child
107340 Claims and Inheritance
107341 Intrigue
107342 Adding plot backers
107343 First successful intrigue, suggest new target
107344 Second successful intrigue, suggest other targets
107345 Factions, faction tab
107350 You are dead, now keep playing a normal game
107360 Removes incapable trait from character