JD grace decision events


These are events concerning Chinese grace decisions introduced in Jade Dragon DLC.

Gaining Grace Events

ID Event
JD.20024 Sending gift
JD.20028 Asking to become tributary

Spending Grace

ID Event
JD.20021 Chinese doctor
JD.20022 Governor presents doctor
JD.20026 Peace deal
JD.20029 Administrator (scholar-bureaucrat)
JD.20030 Governor presents administrator
JD.20031 Master engineer
JD.20032 Governor presents master engineer
JD.20033 Master engineer builds something
JD.20034 Announcement paper mill
JD.20039 Strategist
JD.20040 Governor presents strategist
JD.20041 Strategist has taught someone else, event for picking commander and trait (hidden)
JD.20042 Ping event
JD.20043 Handing out trait and notifying liege
JD.20044 Clear flag separately so desc works for notification

Imperial marriage

ID Event
JD.20045 Randomizing the spouse
JD.20046 The spouse is on its way
JD.20047 The chinese spouse ping event
JD.20048 The marriage takes place
JD.20049 Anouncement