HL raiding adventurers events


Events for raiding adventurers introduced in Horse Lords.

ID Name
HL.100 An ambitious character with no inheritance begins to plan an adventure for a foreign title
HL.101 character_event
HL.102 character_event
HL.103 character_event
HL.104 character_event
HL.105 character_event
HL.106 character_event
HL.107 character_event
HL.110 character_event
HL.111 character_event
HL.112 character_event
HL.113 character_event
HL.120 character_event
HL.121 letter_event
HL.130 character_event
HL.132 character_event
HL.140 On-action landless nomad gains title
HL.180 On-action battle lost Check raiding adventurer defeat
HL.190 On-action imprisoned pre-war
HL.191 On-action end raid
HL.198 Last try war declaration
HL.199 Clean-up