HF saintly bloodlines events


These are events relating to saintly bloodlines in Holy Fury.

ID Name
HF.43000 Catholic Zealots joining a war
HF.43200 Great Theologian Event
HF.43250 Scholar attracted to court through GT bloodline
HF.43300 Random event for Saintly Bloodline
HF.43301 Zealots unhindered by soldiers
HF.43302 Zealots removed forcefully
HF.43303 Zealots unmoved by ruler support
HF.43304 Zealots follow ruler commands
HF.43305 Zealots join ruler court
HF.43306 Zealots unconvinced by ruler arguments
HF.43307 Zealots persuaded by ruler arguments
HF.43400 Religious society inspired by saintly ancestor