HF crusade events


These are crusade events from Holy Fury.

Fourth Crusade Event

ID Events
HF.49000 Start event (the moment the Crusade starts)

Story Events prior to the Fourth Crusade launch

ID Events
HF.49001 Part 1 - The Byzantine Prince/Princess flees Constantinople
HF.49002 Part 2 - The Mercantile Refuge
HF.49003 Part 3 - The Merchant Lord decides to restore the Byzantine Prince/Princess to her/his throne
HF.49004 Part 3 - Narrative event that the Merchant Lord will support the Byzantine Prince/Princess for the Throne
HF.49006 The Pope declares the launch of the Fourth Crusade
HF.49007 The Fourth Crusade Launches
HF.49008 Byzantium falls

Crusader Bloodlines

ID Events
HF.49020 Grand Crusader Bloodline
HF.49021 Crusader Commander Bloodline

The Northern Crusade

ID Events
HF.49100 The Teutonic Order looking elsewhere - Pre event
HF.49101 The Teutonic Order looking elsewhere event
HF.49102 Setting up Northern Crusade - 1
HF.49103 Setting up Northern Crusade - 2
HF.49104 Potentially starting the Northern Crusade
HF.49105 Teutonic Order receives target suggestion
HF.49106 Piety is all that is needed
HF.49107 Some gold will be needed
HF.49108 Some land will be needed
HF.49109 The donation has been given to the Teutonics, and they launch the Northern Crusade
HF.49110 Narrative Event - Northern Crusade Launch
HF.49111 Finding a supporter for the Northern Crusade
HF.49112 Reward letter from Teutons after the war
HF.49113 The Northern Crusades has failed
HF.49114 Northern Crusade Bloodline
HF.49115 Northern Crusade Successful
HF.49116 Northern Crusade check if victory yearly
HF.49120 Northern Crusade flavor event tombola
HF.49121 Northern Crusade flavor event randomizer