HF coronation events


These are coronation events from Holy Fury.

ID Events
HF.20200 Explain coronation preparation, ask whom to ask to be crowned by
HF.20201 Scary giant letter event determining what is the priest going to ask to the King/Emperor in exchange for the Coronation.
HF.20202 King: Random Priest doesn't ask for anything, proceed with the coronation immediately.
HF.20203 King: Random Priest asks for small donation.
HF.20204 King: Bishop asks for donation to himself.
HF.20205 King: Bishop asks for donation to the Pope.
HF.20206 King: Bishop asks for child to become monk/nun.
HF.20207 King: Bishop asks son to join holy order.
HF.20208 King: Bishop wants an orgy.
HF.20209 King: Bishop wants a county.
HF.20210 King: Bishop wants you to join his monastic order.
HF.20211 King: Pope wants to be independent