HF bloodline acquisition events


These are bloodline acquisition events (Child of Destiny events) from Holy Fury.

ID Events
HF.199 Extra chance for player children to become Children of Destiny
HF.200 Child becomes Child of Destiny
HF.201 Parents notified of the ominous birth
HF.210 Child of Destiny journey randomization tombola
HF.211 Snake in Crib
HF.212 Notification - Snake in Crib, Baby strangles snake
HF.213 Notification - Snake in Crib, Baby befriends snake
HF.214 Notification - Snake in Crib, Baby dies
HF.215 Drink Poison
HF.216 Notification - Drinking poison
HF.217 Vision from Highgod
HF.218 Notification - Vision from highgod
HF.219 Meet Warrior
HF.220 Notification - Meet Warrior
HF.221 Meet Wandering Wise Man
HF.222 Notification - Meet Wandering Wise Man
HF.223 Swarmed by Admirers
HF.224 Notification - Swarmed by Admirers
HF.225 Attempted Murder
HF.226 Notification - Attempted Murder
HF.227 Gain a lover
HF.228 Encounter Wild Beast
HF.229 Notification - Child defeats wild beast
HF.230 Notification - Child is killed by wild beast
HF.231 Player - Choose Destiny, inwards or outwards
HF.232 Notification - Looking Inward
HF.233 Notification - Looking Outward
HF.234 Overcome Hardship
HF.235 Gain a Posse
HF.236 Notification - Gain a Posse
HF.237 Escape from Prison
HF.238 Notification - Jailer gets to know of escape
HF.239 Notification - Child Escapes Prison
HF.240 Gain a friend
HF.290 Child of Destiny launches Adventure
HF.291 Notification - Launched Adventure
HF.300 Child of Destiny reaches adulthood
HF.301 Notification - Reached Adulthood
HF.302 Child of Destiny gets extra stats
HF.303 Child of Destiny can choose to adopt culture/religion of newly conquered land
HF.304 Child of Destiny gains bloodline
HF.305 narrative_event
HF.306 character_event
HF.307 Debug event