Family events


This is a list of Family Events.

ID Event
37000 Relative demands inheritance due to ambition
37001 Liege responds to the request
37002 The relative is filled with anticipation
37003 The relative is deeply offended
37004 The relative is disappointed
37005 Relative reminds liege of promised title
37006 Liege responds to the reminder
37007 Liege breaks the promise
37010 Character goes into exile to raise an army
37011 The ruler who hosts the pretender is notified
37012 The old liege is notified
37015 The pretender launches the attack
37049 First event of the series
37050 Close relative asks to get married
37051 Liege responds to marriage request
37052 The relative is delighted
37053 The relative is disappointed
37054 Relative reminds liege of promised marriage
37055 The liege is reminded of the promise
37056 Male relative who was denied decides to marry in secret
37057 The liege is informed of the secret marriage